Press release: Chimu Adventures walk out for #climatestrike

Sydney. Thursday 18th September, 2019.

Latin America and Polar Travel Specialists, Chimu Adventures, will be joining the millions of people who are walking out of their homes and workplaces this Friday, 20th September, to join climate strikers on the streets and protest against the use of fossil fuels.

Employees of the Australian-owned company at Chimu offices in Sydney, the Sunshine Coast and London have been fully supported by Co-founders Chad Carey and Greg Carter to attend the Global Climate Strike without any financial repercussions. Global Climate Strike will take place three days before the United Nations summit in New York, raising the alarm to politicians and demonstrating that ‘business as usual’ is no longer viable.

With operations in destinations such as the Arctic and Antarctica, Chimu are acutely aware of how these destinations bear the effects of climate change. Co-founder, Chad Carey, explains: “I am of the belief that if more people saw the impacts of climate change in the polar regions, there wouldn’t be a public debate as to what we should do. Everyone would be behind substantial changes to save the planet.”

Sustainability has always been a core focus for Chimu, and they are passionate about the environmental and cultural impacts of tourism. Tourism has the propensity to do great things but only when it is done right. With flights being a significant factor in emissions, Chimu employees will be whole-heartedly encouraged to take part in this vital demonstration in the hope that such action will be a catalyst for change in key industries.

Carey explains: “I know politicians walk a fine line between appeasing climate deniers and climate change activists and maybe the only way to get some real action on these issues is to start striking. If we took Mahatma Gandhi’s approach of passive resistance (encouraging the entire country to go on strike to bring the economy to a standstill) then we may get more action. Sure, there would be short term economic impacts of doing something like this, but that pales into insignificance compared to the social issues we may have in 10 years’ time if we don’t start making dramatics changes to save the environment.”

Chimu are urging other businesses, including those in the travel industry, to unite and strike. Carey says: “I strongly believe that companies and adults more generally also need to strike, and I just want to encourage other businesses to take the stance that Chimu is taking and support their team to join in on the strike. For real change to happen we need wider community support.”


Founded in 2004, Chimu Adventures are The Latin America and Polar Travel Specialists. Australian owned, we are the go-to for all Latin America, Antarctica and Arctic travel requirements, from small ship expedition cruises to tailor made itineraries and small group tours, plus all international and domestic flight and transfer arrangements. Our specialist knowledge means we can offer the best options for everything. We use our own operations on the ground to access to an immense range of accommodation and activities and work personally with our traveller’s style and budget, tailoring to their individual needs.

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Author: Frances Armitage