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Exploring Nordaustlandet

9 Days FROM USD 13,440


Experience total immersion in the polar desert on this unforgettable expedition to the far north. This 9 day expedition cruise will take you to the remarkable sites of North Spitsbergen and Nordaustlandet. This region is generally inaccessible to tradition cruise ships, however, Le Commondant Charcot is a unique hybrid powered expedition vessel purposely built to navigate through the expansive sea ice. Starting in the Nordaust-Svalbard Nature Reserve, this land is complete with ice caps, fjords and cliffs which are home to large colonies of birds and resting walrus. You may even have the opportunity to spot a polar bear or the elusive Arctic Fox that prowl the area. 

Your exploration among the remote islands will continue as you attempt to reach Kvitoya. The easternmost island of the Svalbard archipelago, this island is known as the 'white island,' owing to its name, this island is completely covered by the ice cap and home to a large number of walrus. Before your return to Longyearbyen you will sail through the remarkable Isfjorden. One of the most imposing fjords in all Svalbard, this area is famously known for sheltering a number of whale species which you may have the pleasure of spotting. 

Optional Activities :

Trip Code: ACPOEN

Travel Style: Small Ship Expedition Cruise

Location: Spitsbergen

Ship: Le Commandant Charcot

Flights: Local charter package included in cruise package. Please contact us for more information.


Your cruise package will begin with a flight from Paris to Longyearbyen, Norway. Please note the flight duration is approximately 4 and a half hours. (We highly recommend you arrive in Paris the night before the flight.)

Longyearbyen is the capital of the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago, located on Svalbard’s main island, and is the northernmost territorial capital on the planet. With winter temperatures dropping to below 40°C, the landscapes of this mining town are simply breathtaking. The glaciers, the mountains stretching as far as the eye can see and the untouched nature, make you feel like you’re in completely unexplored territory.

Fly Paris to Longyearbyen

The Nordaust-Svalbard Nature Reserve has been protecting the northernmost and coldest part of the archipelago, Nordaustlandet (North East Land), since 1973. This vast polar desert covered by two ice caps is the second largest island in the Svalbard archipelago. Protected by the Gulf Stream, the fjords and cliffs in the west and north are home to large colonies of birds and walruses. The landscapes in the colder east and south are dominated by imposing glaciers that calve majestic icebergs in the vast Hinlopen Strait. Large colonies of thick-billed murres have taken up residence on the sheer cliffs. You may even get the chance to see a bear or an Arctic fox roaming in the vicinity.

Nordaust Svalbard - Day 2 to 5

Sailing in the Hinlopen Strait, in the heart of the Arctic Ocean, between the Norwegian islands of Spitsbergen and Nordaustlandet promises an unforgettable experience. This territory of the Nordaust-Svalbard Nature Reserve offers breathtaking panoramas, with magnificent basalt formations and the ice cap stretching as far as the eye can see, diving into the sea. The shore line cut by the fjords moving inland composes a magical landscape in which icebergs float here and there, the result of the calving of the surrounding glaciers. This place, today a popular spot to observe the seabirds nesting in the enormous cliffs, polar bears and walruses, was once intrinsically linked to the history of the whalers who frequented the region from the 17th century. Indeed, it was one of them, Thijmen Jacobsz Hinlopen, then director of a Dutch whaling company, who gave the strait its name. Later on, Russian trappers, European explorers, scientists and even mountaineers roamed this region, as hostile as it is sublime.

Hinlopen Strait -  Day 6 to 7

Like the other protected areas of Svalbard, the Nordvest-Spitsbergen National Park was established in the early 1970s to protect this exceptional environment against the growing interest of the mining industry. Nunataks, glaciers, islands and large bays, arctic tundra scattered with moss and lichen in shades of silver and gold... This region will fascinate you with its landscapes and with the numerous vestiges that bear witness to the history of the men ─ whale hunters and those involved in the first expeditions to the North Pole ─ who found themselves on these shores from the start of the 17th century. In this pristine environment, you will be able to observe arctic sterns or seals on the rocks that emerge at low tide.

Nordvest-Spitsbergen National Park

You will end your voyage in Longyearbyen where you will disembark in the early morning. Take this time to reflect on your voyage and say farewell to your fellow passengers and crew.

Your cruise package includes a return flight to Paris. The flight duration is approximately 4 and a half hours. We highly recommend you spend the night in Paris after this flight.

Longyearbyen to Paris

Pricing per person & date

Exploring Nordaustlandet from USD 13,440
Departing Ending Duration
15 Jun 2022 23 Jun 2022 9

Important Information

  • Cabin accommodation on board vessel
    All meals whilst on board
    Charter flight Paris/Longyearbyen + Transfers + Longyearbyen/Paris
    Guiding and lectures by experienced expedition crew
    All scheduled landings and excursions by zodiac
    Landing fees
    Pre and post cruise and ferry transfers


    Accommodation in Paris
    International Flights
    All items of a personal nature
    Customary gratuities for staff/crew
    Any pre or post cruise travel extensions
    Travel insurance

  • 2 (light adventure)
  • Available on request. Please contact us for more information.

  • Please note this itinerary is subject to change depending on weather and ice conditions.

  • Departure date, seasonality and availability.



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