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Greenland Disko Bay | Ocean Atlantic

6 Days FROM USD 3,190



Experience the uniqueness of Greenland and its Inuit culture from the comforts of the Ocean Atlantic. With daily shore excursions to the remote towns of South West Greenland, this voyage offers an insight to Greenland's local culture and life in the worlds largest island, half surrounded by Polar sea ice for most of the year.

Sharing the fjords and sea with whales, you will enjoy the dramatic landscape of this Polar paradise, with colourful villages, icebergs and glaciers. Highlights of this expedition include one of the most active glaciers in the world - Eqip Sermia, the town of Ilulissat, and the settlement Itelleq to experience Inuit hunting culture. Unforgettable experiences await you in Greenland!

Note: Return flights are included from Copenhagen or Reykjavik. 

Optional Activities :

Trip Code: ACABGDB

Travel Style: Expedition Cruise

Location: Greenland

Ship: Ocean Atlantic

Flights: We offer a range of flight options to meet your cruise, contact us today to discuss.


  • Experience the true beauty and isolation of Disko Bay as you dart between gigantic icebergs and massive glaciers.

  • Visit remote and isolated settlements nestled among the foothills of mountains set against a backdrop glacial fjords 

  • You will undertake a true expedition experience as you leave your ship by zodiac to dart between icebergs and undertake landings in in remote communities to truly understand the lifestyles of hardy Inuit communities. 


We board our charter flight in Keflavík bound for Kangerlussuaq.

Upon arrival in Kangerlussuaq in Greenland, we will be transported to the small port located west of the airport, where our ship, Ocean Atlantic, will be anchored. Zodiacs will transfer us the short distance to the ship, where you will be checked in to your outside cabin. After the safety drill, you will enjoy a dinner as Ocean Atlantic ‘sets sail’ through the 160-kilometre Kangerlussuaq fjord.

Iceland to Kangerlussuaq Embarkation

After breakfast, we arrive to the colourful town of Sisimiut, where we will get an idea of what modern Greenland looks like. With 5,400 inhabitants, it is considered Greenland’s second ‘city’. People have lived around Sisimiut on and off since 2,500 BC.

Nowadays, Sisimiut is an important place for education and industry, and local factories process the bulk of Royal Greenland's fishing. The fish processing plant is one of the largest of its kind in Greenland, and one of the most modern in the world.

As evening falls, we will pass the Sisimiut Isortuat Fjord, the Nordre Strømfjord settlements of Attu and Ikerasaarsuk, and the small town of Kangaatsiaq. During the course of the bright night, we will pass Aasiaat and proceed into the southern waters of Disko Bay. Next, the ship’s heading will be set for Disko Island, known for its distinctive 1,000-meter/3,280 feet layered crags.

At this point, we will be north of the Arctic Circle! Here, the nights are bright and early risers can enjoy the sight of the icebergs on Disko Bay as they squeeze out of the Ilulissat Icefjord and dance into the frigid ocean waters.


Our next sojourn lies on the southern tip of the Disko Island, where Ocean Atlantic will anchor in a protected natural harbour, which is named Godhavn (‘Good Harbour’) in Danish, while its Greenlandic name, Qeqertarsuaq, means ‘The Big Island’.

During our visit, we will wander through town, paying a visit to the characteristic octagonal church, nicknamed “God’s Inkpot”, as well as to a local community center that will be hosting a traditional Greenlandic “kaffemik”, which can be best described as a friendly gathering with coffee, cake and traditional dances and music.

Situated approximately 50 nautical miles north of Ilulissat, the Eqip Sermia Glacier is renowned for its jaw-dropping beauty. Legendary arctic explorers selected this location as a base for their studies. One such explorer, the acclaimed Swiss glaciologist, Alfred de Quervain, used the location as a base for his expeditions onto Greenland’s inland ice sheet over a century ago.

We will sail as close as possible to the ice’s edge – but at a safe distance to avoid plunging blocks of ice and violent waves that often result from the calving glacier.

Disko Island

Ilulissat is possibly the most well located town in Greenland. The name simply means ‘icebergs’ in Greenlandic, and the town’s nickname is rightly ‘the Iceberg Capital’.

In Disko Bay, which is located just off the coast of Ilulissat, gigantic icebergs linger in the freezing waters. These icebergs come from the Icefjord, which is located a half hour’s hike south of Ilulissat. These impressive frozen structures are born some 70km/43,5 miles deeper into the fjord by the enormous Sermeq Kujalleq glacier. This 10km/6 miles-wide glacier is the most productive glacier outside of Antarctica; Whereas most glaciers only calve at a rate of approximately a metre/three feet a day, the Ilulissat glacier calves at a rate of 25m/82 feet per day. The icebergs produced by the glacier represent more than 10% of all icebergs in Greenland, corresponding to 20 million tonnes/22 million us tons of ice per day!

In the evening, we will cruise southward from “the Iceberg Capital”, leaving lovely Disko Bay behind us as we part.

Ilulissat, Capital Of The Icebergs

The settlement of Sarfannguit, which translates into ‘the place of the little stream” an appropriate name for a settlement nestled at the foothills of the mountains and glaciers in the distant backcountry. The settlement’s slightly more than 100 residents live off hunting, trapping and fishing, most often in pursuit of arctic char, reindeer and musk oxen.

We will continue our journey toward the fjord of Kangerlussuaq, also known as Sondre Stromfjord. Especially the first part of the fjord gives a great opportunity to enjoy an impressive passage with panoramic views of high mountains and deep valleys.


During the night, we will have completed our passage through the 160-kilometer/100 mile Kangerlussuaq Fjord. After breakfast aboard the ship, we will bid farewell to the ship's staff and the Zodiac boats will shuttle us to shore.

It is not difficult for one to see that Kangerlussuaq’s landscape has largely been shaped by the last glaciation period, often known simply as the “Ice Age,” some 18,000 years ago. The mountains are rounded and soft, and many meltwater lakes remain. From the inland ice sheet, best known as the Greenland Ice Sheet, the meltwater cuts its way through the porous moraine landscape and flows into Kangerlussuaq Fjord.

As our time in Greenland concludes, after breakfast and checkout, your arctic adventure will have concluded. We hope to see you again soon! We fly from Kangerlussuaq to Keflavik Airport, Iceland.

Kangerlussuaq to Iceland
Departing Ending Duration Price
14 Aug 2022 19 Aug 2022 6 USD 2,933
Cabin Type Price
CAT G - Porthole Single SAVE UP TO 20%USD 4,472
Cat F - Inside Triple SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Cat E - Inside Cabin SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Cat D - Porthole Cabin SAVE UP TO 30%USD 2,933
Cat C - Window Cabin SAVE UP TO 30%USD 3,213
CAT B - Window Suite SAVE UP TO 30%USD 4,753
CAT A - Junior Suite SAVE UP TO 30%USD 5,453
Premium Suite SAVE UP TO 30%USD 5,803
19 Aug 2022 24 Aug 2022 6 USD 2,552
Cabin Type Price
CAT G - Porthole Single SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Cat F - Inside Triple SAVE UP TO 20%USD 2,552
Cat E - Inside Cabin SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Cat D - Porthole Cabin SAVE UP TO 30%USD 2,933
Cat C - Window Cabin SAVE UP TO 30%USD 3,213
CAT B - Window Suite SAVE UP TO 30%USD 4,753
CAT A - Junior Suite SAVE UP TO 30%USD 5,453
Premium Suite SAVE UP TO 30%USD 5,803
24 Aug 2022 29 Aug 2022 6 USD 2,552
Cabin Type Price
CAT G - Porthole Single SAVE UP TO 20%USD 4,472
Cat F - Inside Triple SAVE UP TO 20%USD 2,552
Cat E - Inside Cabin SAVE UP TO 20%USD 2,792
Cat D - Porthole Cabin SAVE UP TO 30%USD 2,933
Cat C - Window Cabin SAVE UP TO 30%USD 3,213
CAT B - Window Suite SAVE UP TO 30%USD 4,753
CAT A - Junior Suite SAVE UP TO 30%USD 5,453
Premium Suite SAVE UP TO 30%USD 5,803

Important Information

  • All meals during cruise

    accommodation in shared inside/outside cabins

     English speaking expedition team

     Shore landings by Zodiac

     Complimentary use of boots

     all port fees taxes and tariffs


    International flight

    Travel Insurance

    Visa and reciprocity fees (if applicable)

    Tips and gratuities

    Any activities not mentioned as included in itinerary

  • 2 (light adventure)
  • Available upon request, contact us for more details. 

  • Please note this itinerary may be subject to change depending on weather and ice conditions

  • Departure date, seasonality and availability



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