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Latin America

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5 Fun Facts About Llamas

Llamas are without doubt some of the fluffiest animals on earth – but there is so much more to these super smart fluff balls!

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A Vegetarian’s Guide to South America Travel

South America is traditionally known as a carnivore’s Utopia and it’s true that meat plays a massive role in local cuisine, no matter which country

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South American Food – How to Feast Your Way Through the Continent

We’ve got the top 14 specialties of South American food that you won’t want to miss – and one sensational tip to help make the most of your cul

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South America for First-Timers – Which Region is Right for You?

Maybe you’ve dreamt of South American adventures your entire life or, maybe, the continent has just entered into your travel-radar.

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Best Things To Do in South and Central America – NOVEMBER Guide

As the southern summer season takes hold of a great part of the South America, now is the time to explore the more remote regions of

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Best Latin America Souvenirs That Won’t End Up in a Drawer

We admit that when travelling, sometimes, it is simply easier to dedicate just a couple of hours of our last day to hitting a gargantuan tourist ma

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