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Early Emperors

6 Days FROM USD 60,000


Come join us on this ultra luxury exploration of the final frontier. With just 12 guests you will depart from Cape Town on board a fully chartered private Gulfstream 550 jet as you fly for approximately 5 hours before you begin to see the first sights of icecaps and frozen glaciers.  Landing at Wolf Fangs's runway, you will be transferred to your home base of Whichaway Oasis - a unique collection of hi-tech polar domes set on the shores of a frozen lake and encircled by an incredible icefall.

From here you will take the 2.5 hour flight to Atka Bay where you will bear witness to the unforgettable sight of over 14000 breeding pairs of emperor penguins - and their newly hatched chicks. With so few visitors to this corner of the white continent, these curious characters are not afraid of human contact, and often waddle close by for fantastic photography opportunities. This rare and unique wildlife spectacle is a exhibition of noise, energy and vibrancy that will truly leave you with lasting memories of this indescribable journey. 

Your home base of Whichaway will serve as your launching pad for a range of activities completely tailored to suit your needs for the day - do as little or as much as you want. With only 12 guests, your professional guides will expand your horizons in this wonderful land of discovery. From climbing, hiking, safari truck adventures or a range of wellness activities - your days among the frozen waves of ice  and captivating mountain ranges are yours to command. This is a truly transformative experience, combining the highest degree of luxury and safety to offer a completely tailored experience and one of the most unique you can undertake in Antarctica.


Optional Activities :

Trip Code: ACWDEE

Travel Style: Luxury Land Tour

Location: Antarctica

Ship: Early Emperors

Flights: Please contact us for assistance with your international flight.


  • This adventure truly defines luxury - Beginning with a fully chartered private jet flight to your spacious and luxurious polar domes - this voyage encapsulate an experience completely tailored to ensure your time on the frozen continent is the most unique.

  • Your home base of Whichaway Oasis offers one of the most unique stays in Antarctica - a collection of hi-tech polar domes, these state-of-the-art 'pods' are heated roughly 20ft in diameter offering the perfect balance of polar functionality and luxury camp comfort. 

  • You will have the unique opportunity to see thousands of Emperor Penguin chicks - The true highlight of this voyage, this natural spectacle is truly one of the most unique experiences one can witness in Antarctica. 


We fly over thousands of icebergs on our 5-hour flight across the Southern Ocean to Antarctica. During the flight, we enter the Polar Circle and encounter the continuous daylight of the Antarctic summer. After landing on the ancient blue ice of the runway, you will transfer to our camp at Whichaway and take a gentle hike around the Oasis.

Fly Cape Town to Antarctica

Settle into Whichaway Oasis and do as much or as little as you like each day. Activities range from yoga, massages, and gentle treks to exploring the incredible ice waves, summiting a nunatak, ice climbing and even abseiling! On quieter days, you will hear talks from our polar explorer staff about some of the lesser-known history of Antarctica and their world record-breaking expeditions.

After the day’s activities you will hear a talk about the incredible life cycle of the Emperor Penguins in preparation for your visit the following day.

Whichaway Oasis

You fly 2.5 hours across Antarctica on our BT-67 aircraft, enjoying immense views of the High Polar Plateau, before landing at the Emperor Penguin colony at Atka Bay. Wrapped up in the sights and sounds of thousands of penguins, you will
be among the very few who have ever witnessed such a spectacle, observing the real-life stars of March of the Penguins.

Your visit to the penguins begins with a 2.5-hour flight to Atka Bay, the site of the first episode of Sir David Attenborough’s groundbreaking documentary Seven Worlds, One Planet. Here you’ll see over 14,000 breeding pairs and their newly-hatched chicks, a spectacle full of noise and energy that is a favourite with wildlife watchers and photographers. There are so few visitors to this colony that the chicks are unafraid of humans and often waddle close by. Mindful of our responsibility to the Antarctic environment and of IAATO guidelines, we keep at least 25m (80ft) from the penguins while taking in all the sights and sounds of this rare wildlife spectacle, which remains one of the greatest thrills on Earth!

Emperor Penguins of Atka Bay

You spend the day exploring the ice waves below our camp, delving into the series of ice tunnels that are as surreal as they are beautiful. Then you will be off on an Arctic Truck safari, winding your way through the snow and ice to an incredible vantage point where you can take in the panoramic view over the waves that you have just explored.

Arctic Truck Safari

An adventurous hike along a winding cliff face shows you stunning views of the extraordinary waves of ice that have been created over millennia by constant pressure from the ocean. Our world-class mountain guides will lead you on this challenging hike, always ensuring your safety on this unforgettable day.

With only 12 guests on each adventure, our professional guides will ensure that you are always safe and well lookedafter,
and that you get the most out of your time. Your activities can be as adrenaline-fuelled or relaxed as you like: not keen on climbing, fat biking or abseiling? Then perhaps a picnic followed by a sauna and a massage would suit. The choice is yours.

Whichaway Activities

The flight out of Antarctica will be the last of your enduring Antarctic memories before you delve back into the vibrant energy of Africa. You will be transferred to your hotel where you will have a chance to relax and reflect on your Antarctic adventure!

Fly Antarctica to Cape Town

Pricing per person & dates

Early Emperors from USD 60,000
Departing Ending Duration
24 Nov 2021 29 Nov 2021 6
20 Nov 2022 25 Nov 2022 6
25 Nov 2022 30 Nov 2022 6

Important Information

  • Return transfers for Antarctic flight on board fully chartered private jet
    All accommodation in Antarctica
    Food and drink (including alcohol) 
    Guiding and lectures by experienced expedition crew
    Payment of 'Carbon tax' offset created by all logistics associated with Antarctic travel
    Safety briefing day before departure (return transfers provided)


    International flights to Cape Town
    Accommodation and meals whilst in Cape Town
    Travel insurance
    Additional baggage costs
    Visa and recprocity fees (if applicable) 
    Use of satellite phone whilst in Antarctica

  • 2 (light adventure)
  • Please note this itinerary may be subject to change depending on weather and ice conditions. 

  • Departure date, seasonality and availability.


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