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Southern Lights by Flight - Melbourne

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Join us on a scenic flight to observe one of the world’s most magical natural phenomenathe Aurora Australis, also known as the Southern Lights. On this Southern Lights flight from Melbourne, board your comfortable Qantas Dreamliner in the early evening and travel over the Southern Ocean to the Southern Auroral Zone, returning the following morning.

The Southern Lights are one of the most unique and elusive natural occurrences, so we’ll take you far away from light pollution and high above the clouds and weather systems for an unobstructed view of the incredible light display of the Southern Lights, unlike anything you can see from land. 

As we fly, we’ll watch the vibrant, haunting lights of the aurora as they dance across the sky, changing shape and colour. To the naked eye, the beauty of the auroras most often appear a milky white or occasionally a green shade. But behind the lens, these ghostly curtains can appear green, purple, blue, pink, and red, chemical explosions between the sun’s particles and earth’s atoms, with your camera able to pick up hues not seen by the eye alone. The shape, movement, and flow of the Southern Lights can change in an instant, each flight different than the last. 

The thrill of this spectacular scenic Southern Lights flight begins as you board the flight, joined by expert astronomers, providing information en route about how an aurora is created and pointing out their favourite constellations and night sky objects. We’ll also have a professional astrophotographer who will instruct you on how to photograph an aurora and assist on how best to use your camera. 

The exact route we take will depend on the activity of the Aurora Australis that night, but regardless of our path, seeing the Southern Lights from the dark night sky, free from any light pollution, is an ethereal, magical, and unforgettable experience.

With several different booking classes, including business, and a seat swapping structure in place to share the best view of this amazing natural display with your fellow passengers, everyone will have ample time to see the lights up close. Two full-service meals, drinks, and snacks are included, along with Chimu Adventures’ experts onboard to answer all your questions. 

We can’t wait to show you the Southern Lights from Melbourne, one of the most unique and memorable scenic flights in the world. 

Please note that it is recommended to be double vaccinated against COVID-19 when travelling on this flight. 


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Trip Code: ACQAMF

Travel Style: Scenic Flight Tour

Location: Southern Ocean

Ship: Southern Lights by Flight


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Important Information

  • Seat options from Economy Class-Limited View to Premium Business
    Two Full-Service QANTAS meals plus snacks
    Full Bar Service including champagne, beer, spirits and soft drinks
    Choose your viewing on the in seat entertainment system
    Knowledge and leadership by expert on board photographers and astronomers

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