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Jason Dudson

"My most treasured memory of travelling would be waking up in the Andes Mountain range to watch the sun rise over the incredible citadel of Machu Picchu. After trekking 3 nights from Cusco to be greeted with that view of such an incredible ruin is something I will never forget. It was one of the most peaceful moments in my life and something that I have gone back to do many more times."

I have always been a spirited adventurer with a real wanderlust for exploration. It does not surprise me that for the past 20 years my career has centred around designing incredible vacations for passengers that want to feel that same sense of exploration. I am fortunate enough to work with for what I consider the best destinations in the world, and I am always finding myself learning something new each destination offers for tourism. 

I was lucky enough, at the age of twenty, to find myself an exciting opportunity to work on board international cruise ships. I was employed in the Casino Division, and  I spent my evenings working hard and my downtime discovering the world. My love for travel had begun and 30 years later it has only grown and shows no sign to disappear. The different food, cultures, architecture and incredible ruins are what bring me back to South and Central America countless times. I have had the incredible opportunity to visit Antarctica a few times and through the relationship we have with various cruise lines have been able to really gain firsthand experience in travelling to this remote and truly spectacular destination. My knowledge will be invaluable to ensure your experience is all that you have imagined. 

My career takes me to the most amazing places in the world, gives me the chance to send my clients to these places and experience the world firsthand rather than reading about them in a book. I have travelled through Latin America, the Caribbean Islands, Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Antarctica. I have completed some of the world’s most famous Treks with the Inca Trail, Lares Trail Mountain Lodges of Peru and Mount Everest Base Camp on the Tibetan side. 

Working for Chimu Adventures I  get this opportunity to pass on my firsthand knowledge and experiences to all the clients that decide to travel to the destinations we offer. I am constantly looking out for that bespoke product that will make your trip a once in a lifetime adventure.  I always find that my clients appreciate the small details that I add to their itineraries, and I am constantly receiving positive feedback from the guests that are in my care to organise travel plans.

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