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Kieron Tebbutt

“The best thing about travelling through Latin America is the unbelievable experiences you can have on a daily basis that you just can’t find anywhere else in the world. Such as when I hiked a volcano just outside of Antigua in Guatemala. As we got close to the top we realised that there was actually lava slowly flowing out of it. Instead of being told to evacuate straight away as would be the case in any western country, I got handed a long stick and got told to go poke it in the flowing lava. It was surreal.”

On my travels through Latin America I drove from Los Angeles to San Jose in Costa Rica, going through Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica on the way. This took 3 months and was the biggest adventure I have ever had. Then after that I flew to South America seeing Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil for another 3 months. I thought it couldn’t get any better than Central America, but South America blew me away. I have travelled extensively around the world going to almost 50 countries and still consider Latin America as my favourite destination.

Peru is my favourite country. It has such a diverse range of scenery from the arid coastal landscape to the rugged Andes through to the tropical Amazon basin; it really has something for everyone. The people are very friendly and the food is excellent.

I find that the people who wish to travel to Latin America want to get out of there little comfort bubble and truly have some unique and amazing experiences. I love working with these like minded people and booking them on a trip of a lifetime.

More recently I was lucky to travel to Antarctica a destination that has left me speechless, instead of trying to fumble through words, check out my video below. 

Are you interested in a voyage where you make a difference just by travelling on itContact me now for more information. 


Kieron Tebbutt
QLD (Australia)

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